California DMV Certified Auto Dealer License Educator #CCC0028

Online California Auto Dealer Training

Become a California Certified
Auto Used Car Dealer Online

24/7 Dealer Training Specialists offers the most comprehensive used car dealer license class education curriculum available to dealers today.

About our class:

  • 100% Pass Rate Guarantee
  • California DMV Certified Educator
  • Training includes all the materials needed to pass the DMV's test.
  • Developed by an actual retired DMV Inspector.
  • Taught by an MBA with 20+ years experience.
  • Learn how to get access to dealer auctions and how to buy like a professional car buyer while utilizing dealer plates.
  • Strategies for maximizing profits on each deal and the forms needed for compliance.
  • Find out how to fast track your dealers license, the costs associated with it and how to get started sooner.

Our Focus

Our school teaches all of California 100% live online instruction and each class is taught by 2 live instructors. Learn directly from the pros how to get on the fast track to getting your used car dealer license and starting a career in the automotive industry.

Our instructors:

  • Jessica Biarbe is a retired DMV inspector with 26 years' experience with California DMV with many years of experience as a retail dealer as well.
  • Garrett Eddings is a MBA graduate with 20+ years in automotive experience including dealer consulting, dealer auctions, and one of the leading authorities on California DMV compliance.

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