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24/7 Dealer Training Specialists offers the most comprehensive used car dealer license class education curriculum available to dealers today.

About our car dealer training class:

  • 100% Pass Rate Guarantee
  • California DMV Certified Educator
  • Training includes all the materials needed to pass the DMV's test.
  • Developed by an actual retired DMV Inspector.
  • Taught by an MBA with 20+ years experience.
  • Learn how to get access to dealer auctions and how to buy like a professional car buyer while utilizing dealer plates.
  • Strategies for maximizing profits on each deal and the forms needed for compliance.
  • Find out how to fast track your dealers license, the costs associated with it and how to get started sooner.

Our Focus

Our school teaches all of California 100% live online instruction and each car dealer sales training class is taught by 2 live instructors. Learn directly from the pros how to get on the fast track to getting your used car dealer license and starting a career in the automotive industry.

Our instructors:

  • Jessica Biarbe is a retired DMV inspector with 26 years' experience with California DMV with many years of experience as a retail dealer as well.
  • Garrett Eddings is a MBA graduate with 20+ years in automotive experience including dealer consulting, dealer auctions, and one of the leading authorities on California DMV compliance.

Auto Dealer Training Education

Selling cars without a car lot - How to be a dealer selling cars from your home

September 2nd, 2021 by Garrett Eddings

Cars for sale in a row at a car dealership

One of the biggest questions that we get is: Can I sell vehicles from my house? The short answer is yes, but probably not in the capacity in what you think. You can get your wholesale dealers license and sell vehicles from your home however there are...

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Posted in: Auto Dealer Business

How to tell if your California used car dealer location is in compliance?

June 15th, 2020 by Garrett Eddings

Legal requirements for California Auto Dealer location

OFFICE AREA The office of a Dealer’s place of business and each branch location of the dealership must be established to the extent that its construction is not temporary, transitory or mobile in nature. A Retail Dealers place of business is a place...

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Posted in: Auto Dealer Business

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