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What is Live Scan Fingerprinting?

April 12th, 2024 by Jessica Biarbe

Live Scan is an inkless electronic fingerprin!ng system developed by the Department of Justice. Fingerprints are electronically transmitted to the Department of Justice for a criminal records check along with personal descriptor information in a matter of seconds, instead of days to mail a hard copy fingerprint card.

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Why Live Scan Fingerprinting?

Beginning in January 2000, live scan fingerprinting is for anyone applying for the first time as a licensed Vehicle Dealer, Vehicle Salesperson or any other vehicle industry related Occupational License issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The Department of Justice has developed the automated background check process which requires digitized fingerprints, therefore avoiding problems associated with ink prints such as smearing, smudging, over or under inking the print.

The Department of Justice’s goal is to process 95% of the digitized fingerprints within 3 days particularly for applicants without a criminal history, which is a great benefit in processing speed. Rolled ink prints can take up to 10 to 12 days to process and up to 60 days if there is a criminal history in the client’s background.

What is the cost associated with Live Scan fingerprinting?

Fees associated with live scan fingerprinting are determined by the local live scan agency. The Department of Justice has determined that the operator may charge a fee sufficient to recover their costs. Please check with the live scan agency for fees and payment methods.

What if I had a prior Live Scan for another state agency?

If you have had a live scan fingerprint done for a different state agency other than the Department of Motor Vehicles, you will need to have another Live Scan fingerprint performed. The Department of Motor Vehicles cannot contact The Department of Justice for a copy of results sent to another agency and cannot accept a copy from any other source.

NOTE: if you held an Occupational License issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles in the past 3 years, you may not be required to obtain a new set of prints.

What will the applicant need to be Live Scanned?

The DMV8016 application form. Be sure to bring your completed form with you on the date of your live scan fingerprinting appointment. You may simply click on the link for a copy of the form for you to print.

Applicants must present valid photo identification to the Live Scan Operator.

Where do I find a Live Scan fingerprint operator?

There are a multitude of live scan fingerprint operators available for you to utilize. A list of The Department of Justice live scan operators is available on their website at : › fingerprints › operators , or you may call your local sheriff or the police department’s general number to find their local live scan sites that are open to the general public. Many UPS stores also have a live scan operator.

How can you check the status of your Live Scan?

Applicants can check the status of your live scan application. You will need to enter the ATI # and date of birth. The Department of Motor Vehicles cannot issue a license or permit until the application is completed, to include the live scan fingerprint background check process.

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