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auto dealer certification training

24-7 Dealer Training Specialists offer the most thorough, certified auto-dealer training courses available. We offer a comfortable, stress free environment, with friendly and knowledgeable instructors. Our class graduates have a 100% passage rate on the DMV Test.

Our Focus

Our goal is to focus on quality education for your successful career in the motor vehicle industry. We are dedicated to providing a working understanding of the legal issues, and supply you with a resource to help you in the future. This extensive knowledge will help you learn and understand the law, not just teach you the answers to a test.


Retired DMV Licencing Inspector
Jessica Biarbe

Over 26 years experience in the vehicle industry and 17 years as a vehicle dealer licensing inspector, Jessica’s duties included: overseeing licensing, regulations and standards, compliance inspections and other various duties relating to the vehicle industry. This knowledge is now passed on to her students for a successful career as a vehicle dealer.

Our Specialties

  • Dealer License Education Class
  • Dealer License Consultation
  • Dealer License Continuation Class
  • Vehicle Dealer Packages

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